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Humors add spices to life. Research has proved that your life can be improved if humors are incorporated into it. This is why many humorous programs are available in the media today in order to help people to live a better life. now provides you an effective platform where you can obtain the best jokes and humors online. Since it is an online platform, you can leverage the wonderful benefit no matter where you are located in the world. You do not have to pay a dime to obtain the benefit offered in the platform as it is completely free.

All and sundry can simply hookup to the platform in order to leverage the jokes available in the website. This will help you to keep life going no matter the challenging times. However, it is important to state emphatically that provides you with adult humors. This means that the sayings available here are not for kids. Lots of them are offensive and therefore can put off easily offended folks.

Anybody can post humors, banters, sayings, insults, pranks in the website. To post your own custom sayings in the website, you simply need to click the “Create Your Own” button in the website. However, you will need to create an account with the website before you can post short jokes, banters and sayings in the website. You can leverage the color features and many other features provided in the website so as to color the humor and sayings as much as you desire in the website to depict what you want.

With appropriate coloring and paintings, you will be able to demonstrate to the audience what you have in mind. This is why provides you several colors for creating the humors. However, creating and designing the saying is not a guarantee that it will be posted to the platform. For quality and sensitivity issues, reserves the right to post the sayings you created to the platform or not to post them. More so, they can tweak and add some interesting thing things to the sayings in order to bring out the quality in them before posting them to the website.

You can go through the terms and conditions provided in the website before posting your own custom Jokes in the website. This is your opportunity to add spices to someone else’s life. posts the best quality and the highest rated humors in the hall of fame. Your sayings can appear in the hall of fame if you make it top notch in quality. You can also take a look at the hall of fame to see some of the best sayings and their creators. Banterfest would tag your name with your humors and thus everybody will know that you are the creator. It is high time you took advantage of this great opportunity to create quality banters, pranks, humors and so forth in order to add to someone else’s life.

I Got a Role in a Play

I just mainly took the drama class because it fit with what I need to eventually graduate and the word is that it is an easy grade. At least that was the word on the other instructor, but she is not there this semester and there is not much way to tell whether or not it is going to be easy to get a good grade. Some way or another I got a part in the play, apparently because I look good in the costume. They put some blonde curly clip in hair extensions on me and told me to try on this blue checkered dress and some white knee socks. Of course I look a lot like a blonde version of Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, but that is not exactly a coincidence. One of the students wrote the play and it is something a bit strange by intention. It is supposed to be experimental theater. I was not expecting to have to do very much in this class and fortunately for me there is not that much to this role. (more…)

Humorous Review of Ron Kanfi From NobleWorks Cards

Let me give you a little insight on the life and works of Ron Kanfi. He operates NobleWorks Cards, which is a humorous greeting cards business. Ron has been creating and publishing humorous greeting cards for over 30 years now. Ron has also battled Multiple Sclerosis, since 1990, now that is impressive!

Ron has a book on Amazon titled: “Saint Misbehavin’: Modern-Day Saints You’ve Never Heard Of” – it has an overall rating of 4.9 out of 5 with 36 customer reviews, which is a very good rating.

I must say that the cover of the book shows what looks like a saints clothing with a cartoon image head of “the dude.” You know the Jeff Bridges character from the movie “The Big Lebowski.” He’s also holding a big bong and a bottle. This can rub some people the wrong way, especially some Catholics, but there are some important things to consider.

The first thing is that it is a joke. I don’t think Ron means any ill will at all by it; he just wants to cheer people up and make them laugh. I mentioned before that Ron has had MS, since 1990. That has to be a very difficult thing to deal with and what Ron has done to help himself cope is to use humor and bring some humor into the lives of countless other people through his humorous cards and books.

I think that his greeting cards are hilarious. His humorous birthday cards get me going pretty good. He also has anniversary, holiday, get well soon and wedding cards. Back to his book, I think that the cover is absolutely brilliant, but of course I love “the dude.”

The cover of the book comes from one of his best selling greeting cards. This book has gotten reviews like theseEUR¦
“This book is more than just a witty read.” – Tim Whyatt
“I found myself laughing out loud with every page.” – Matthew Kressel
“If you need a good laugh buy this book and send a copy to all your friends.” – Lisa H. Knapp

I want to also mention that Ron may rustle a few feathers with some of his humor, but it does a lot of great things that don’t get the mention that they deserve. Ron not only brings joy and humor to people all over the world with his books and greeting cards, he has another great act going on behind the scenes.

Ron should be commended for founding Live Without Limits in 2010. The concept here is a fundraising event to help people who are suffering from MS. He does something more interesting than most MS fundraisers, that is that he caters towards helping MS sufferers overcoming their limits and especially their physical limitations, which is very important to people who suffer from this terrible disease.

Remember how good of a person that Ron Kanfi is before you judge him for coming up with Saint Dude – “Patron Saint of The Lost Brain Cells.” Which, I think is hilarious, but some people take it the wrong way. Please don’t take it the wrong way and realize how funny and how good of a person Ron Kanfi is. I give his blog spotlight, 5 out of 5 stars!

Humor is Natural

Humor setting is unplanned. It becomes in to happening. Unprompted actions with clients and

co-workers make the surprises and painful situations which call for humor as a coping


We all have conflicting abilities to be familiar with, be grateful for and make humor. In

spite of of where you are now, you can enlarge your humor skills. When you study humor,

it’s clear there’s more to it than now impulsive laughs. There are times when you may want

to purposely use humor, perhaps even plan it in go forward. Possibly you desire to interest

up a training conference or a planning meeting. Possibly you want to ease up a sales

appearance. You can learn ways to manage a dose of amusement to help you attach and


There are three basics which can help you appreciate and arrangement your humor: surprise,

anxiety and relationships.

First, humor is based on the factor of disclosure. Humor frequently comes from amazing as

simple as someone saying the unforeseen. The revelation wind creates the humor.

For strengthened the revelation, it’s best to place the blow line at the end of the funny

story. And within the blow line, the blow word is more often than not given last. The blow

sound is the word that makes the humor work. It’s the cause that releases the surprise.

If your humor cascade even, do what expert humorists do. Make believe you are sober. Since

the spectators didn’t understand you were creating a joke, you never require saying sorry

or explaining it. Twist your surprise into a furtive.

The people who intentionally and regularly use humor be familiar with stress can be used

purposely to amplify the collision of the humor. A pause located just before the blow line

or the blow word builds wisdom of expectation, a shape of tension, which makes the funny

story stronger.

From many jobs, daily challenges provide you the chance to deliberately use stress in

setting up your humor. Simply by giving out a real life funny condition, you can restore

the impulsive situation which generated the amusement in the first place. Even though

there’s not anything like “life form there,” you can get better on the real occasion by

embellishing to make a little more tension in the system. You can arrangement the blow line

for utmost effect

JokePit – Humorous Jokes

The best things in life are always free!So is Humorous Jokes – Home to LaughterEUR¦JokePit is the most preferred resource of jokes, funny quotes and hilarious one liners for a rapidly increasing online community. Here you will find pure humor, uncorrupted by racism, hate, discrimination, violence, propaganda and vulgarity. It is perhaps the only website on the World Wide Web whose content can be safely suggested to anybody regardless of their age, gender, religion or other parameters.We have tried our best to provide quality humor. We are proud to claim that we take humor seriously. The vision behind this website is to maximize your chances of smile and happiness which are the best gifts preached unanimously by all the religions and philosophies of the world.
Man is not created to mourn the losses; rather he is brought into existence to see, watch and be happy. Every pursuit of knowledge has one end, that is, happiness. This end is very simply, but subtly, achieved by humor. You do not need to be a philosopher, scientist, or priest to enjoy a bone-tickling remark by someone. You should only be a living human being; living to the fullest. The more alive you are, the more enjoyable your life is. That’s our understanding. That’s our vision. That’s our mission.JokePit is the friendliest jokes resource online. We take pain to save you from pain. We’ve done our best, as said earlier, to maintain the impartiality of website. However, to err is human. If you find anything hurting on this website in any particular context, you are more than welcome to register your complaint at Contact Us form. We’ll look into your request and take all the actions necessary. However, it is necessary to point out that some categories of jokes essentially belong to certain groups of people like blondes, Sikhs or Pathans. It is rather difficult to avoid hurting in such cases. It should be kept in mind that jokes are only jokes. They’re not words of scriptures, or even anecdotes. They serve to view the lighter side of life. Therefore, it is an unparalleled greatness on part of those who serve as a medium.
We often see blondes laughing at blondes’ jokes. They know and everybody knows that joke is no more a joke if taken seriously. If you want to enjoy life, let jokes remain as such.Greatness of a man leaves its mark on every aspect of his personality. A great artist is often not only a great artist, but his whole life bears a mark of distinction. One of such distinction is sense of humor. No. We’re not going to name the greatest people with great sense of humor. You know them well. Rather we’ve managed to serve you with their entertaining remarks and sayings. It is one of the contributions which the team of JokePit is really proud of. It means a lot to us. We remember the greatness of our race. We fetch the sweetest fruits of their genius and particular outlook to the world around. And we help you and ourselves realize that life is worth living.We’ve managed to collect the best one liners known to human race. They are short jokes, comprising one or two lines, but worth a whole plethora of joke books. People like them. We like them. It is because such ingenuous remarks often hold some great wisdom inside them. They teach us. Humor as a whole is one of life’s best teachers. Its teachings are two fold; teachings of life and teachings of the beauty of life. One liners are the handiest resource in this regard.We update JokePit daily with new jokes, quotations, one liners and other content.
For this we rely on a lot of resources like online humor content, books, articles, people, mobile phone messages, etc. All the materials from these areas is subjected to certain standards of scrutiny before publishing on JokePit. We have also taken steps to keep our site’s navigation easy and hassle-free. You’ll find no pop-ups or cookies disturbing your computer or network. The site mainly has three divisions; Jokes, (funny) Quotes, and One Liners. No multimedia content. For audio-visual fun, we intend to launch a separate forum very soon.We are proud to keep achieving our goals with the passage of time. The visitors of JokePit are increasing day by day, hour by hour. This is a solid proof of our devotion to bring happiness to your life. Now we aspire to be the best source of online humor. And we are sure this is the destination written for us. But to travel the way to this huge success, we need your co-operation, feedback and love. Do not hesitate at all to let us know what you want from JokePit. We’d love to serve. After all, that’s what we’re supposed to do as humans!Warmest Welcome to JokePit, again!

Using Humor in Public Speaking

There is no greater joy to me, than hearing someone laugh, and knowing I made it possible. As a public speaker I look forward to every opportunity I have to make people smile.

Far too often public speakers fail to connect with their audience and therefore they fail to deliver their message. Humor can be a great tool in helping to accomplish that purpose. However, there are some important points to remember when attempting to use humor in public speaking. The following points will help you on your journey to become an effective public speaker. You may not be able to apply them all, but I have no doubt that you will benefit from some of them!

1. Avoid the use of crude, profane, or intentionally offensive humor. Unless you are on late night television, or doing stand up comedy in a night club, most people do not appreciate inappropriate humor. Best to keep it clean.

2. Use humor that is appropriate to the message. Identify your topic and your audience and use humor that supports what you are trying to say. In other words, do not just use humor for the sake of using humor.

3. Use humor at strategic intervals. If you topic is not strictly humorous, then insert humor at strategic places in order to keep the mood light and to keep your audience’s attention. Nothing gets attention back any quicker than a well timed joke.

4. Avoid stale, overused humor. Stay away from knock,knock jokes, and “Why did the chicken cross the road” jokes. They have been told over and over, and you will no doubt come across as irritating or out of touch, but not funny.

5. Work hard to develop extemporaneous humor. Read good joke books and listen to humorous speakers. Learn to look for the humor in everyday life. Even if you have no public speaking engagement booked, it is good practice to get in the habit of looking for humor. Consequently, humorous things happen every day. It all depends on your point of view. When something serious happens, look for a way to turn it into humor. (Although doing so at the time may not be such a good idea!)

6. Don’t be discouraged if you lay a few eggs. As the saying goes, “If you want to make an omelet you have to break a few eggs!” Well the same is true of humor. “If you want to make people laugh you have to lay a few eggs!” Learning what is funny and when it is funny is part of your growth as a public speaker. Don’t give up!

Ultimately learning to use humor takes time. Some people are naturally funny. Others have to work at it. It is my belief that everyone can learn to use humor. If you can laugh, then you recognize humor. If you recognize humor, you can learn to provide humor to others. If something is funny to you, chances are it will be funny to someone else. Now go make someone laugh today!

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