I Got a Role in a Play

I just mainly took the drama class because it fit with what I need to eventually graduate and the word is that it is an easy grade. At least that was the word on the other instructor, but she is not there this semester and there is not much way to tell whether or not it is going to be easy to get a good grade. Some way or another I got a part in the play, apparently because I look good in the costume. They put some blonde curly clip in hair extensions on me and told me to try on this blue checkered dress and some white knee socks. Of course I look a lot like a blonde version of Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, but that is not exactly a coincidence. One of the students wrote the play and it is something a bit strange by intention. It is supposed to be experimental theater. I was not expecting to have to do very much in this class and fortunately for me there is not that much to this role. I am on the stage for about ten minutes in total, but there is not much reason for me to open my mouth. I have three lines and one of them is quite funny. It is hard to deliver it perfectly, but apparently I am pretty good at it. The only thing I need to do is to get the timing right, and I do not always do that in the rehearsals so far. It is a tough deal, but there is not too much work in it. It is not as relaxing as I would have liked for it to be, but it is sort of flattering to get this attention, especially for something that is completely unexpected.

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