Wedding Humor

If there is one thing that is going to lift a wedding speech from the very depths despair, it has to be some patented wedding humor. Weddings are great places to find all sorts of humor and jokes running amok and if you naturally have a funny bone in your body, you would do well to let it loose, especially if you are deep in the throes of writing a speech.

Wedding humor is also great in that, applied generously and appropriately it can breathe life to just about anything that you say. Of course, wedding humor is also a double edged sword. You will need to keep it as clean as possible to account for any children and people with easily offended sensibilities who are listening in, and who might be lurking in the audience.

If you have rowdy or bawdy jokes which are best left in the locker room, leave it for a more appropriate time, and for a group of people who would definitely appreciate those sentiments. Another thing that makes wedding humor a double edged sword is the very nature of the humor itself. Your humor and jokes might be great, but have you ever heard of such a thing as, too much of a good thing?

Yes, there are limits to humor as well, and if you are slated to give a wedding speech, using the clichéd, and non-clichéd, bits of wedding humor can be a great thing and can keep your audience awake for the entire time. But remember to only give a veritable dusting of humor, sort of like the icing on a cake.

Wedding humor can also be a great way to break the ice when you’re placed next to someone you’ve never met before, at dinner. Just remember the punch lines, remember to make it funny and most of all remember to whom it is you’re talking, and about what you’re joking.

If you’re not someone who is comfortable with using humor, and you have trouble delivering a punch line with the appropriate panache, then use it as sparingly as possible. Even wedding humor and jokes can go awry if not delivered in the manner that it needs to be.

That said, if you can bring yourself to deliver even gentle lines of wedding humor, you will find your speech taking off, your conversation skyrocketing and your outlook on life become brighter. Just remember to have a smile on your face, and pretty soon without your even realizing it, it will become genuine and you will find it easier to laugh and make jokes.

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